Rapid Deployment System, (RDS)

The RDS is a valuable tactical weapon in the battle against anti-social behaviour, crime and disorder. The RDS provides the solution - CCTV cameras without wires that can broadcast their pictures back to a base by various wireless methods.

The main applications the RDS systems are used for is the prevention or identification of:

  • Threatening and abusive behaviour
  • Violence and assault
  • Disorder and alcohol related incidents
  • Business and retail damage
  • Building Sites
  • Remote Sites
  • Vehicle crime
  • Fly-tipping

These are the most pressing issues faced by many councils, police forces and businesses today.

Crime and anti-social behviour usually occurs sporadically in areas not protected by fixed line CCTV systems. The RDS can be rapidly deployed to monitor crime hotspots and problem areas.

A major attraction in the solution offered by IAC Security RDS system is the speed of installation and the abscence of transmission cabling. The RDS is a quick to install, highly responsive and economical solution.

Each system can be a completely portable, mobile unit that delivers live images direct to a PC or laptop via the mobile phone, broadband and wireless LAN networks or via a digital codec when using radio communications, to your existing analogue control equipment. Wireless CCTV systems are overt or covert systems that can be located anywhere.

The key advantage of the RDS compared with a fixed camera system is that because it is wireless, it doesn't have to stay in one place, so its deployment can be 'on demand' and flexible enough to deal with crimes and problems in certain areas whenever you need it.

Trial systems are available upon request.

Image of Rapid Deployment System, (RDS)


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