Can you respond immediately to my urgent order?

Due to our size we have complete flexibility over our production planning, and can turn on capacity enhancements very quickly. This gives us the capability to offer a fast track service with minimal lead-time.

What capacity can you do on the surface mount line?

We can achieve a placement rate of 12,000 placements per hour, giving us a monthly capacity of 4 million placements.

Can you do complete assembly of my equipment, including testing?

We have complete electronic, electrical and mechanical manufacturing capability, including test.

Can you compete with offshore manufacture on price and delivery?

We can compete with the total acquisition cost of offshore manufacturing, and have been successful in being rewarded contracts for products that have previously been built offshore.

Can you also organise procurement of components and delivery?

We offer a full turnkey service, including procurement of all parts. We can also offer advice around component obsolescence, availability and alternatives.


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