PT365 Baron P&T

The Baron PT365 head is a heavy duty dedicated side mount unit, specifically designed for heavy load applications such as industrial and commercial installations which require a robust and reliable pan and tilt with first class performance.

Available with a number of variable features.

     General Features

  • Carrying capacity of 30Kg
  • IP66
  • Precision ball bearings ensure the unit remains square on both axes
  • Stainless steel shafts and fittings eliminate corrosion
  • Internal limit adjustment gives resilience to extreme conditions
  • limit adjustment can be made with a full load in place
  • All metal gear transmission.
  • Low backlash for stability in high winds, better than 0.2 of a degree
  • Pan Braking Torgue (AC only): 127kgs cm
  • Tilt Braking Torque (AC only): 340kgs cm
  • Heavy duty synchronous motors (AC version)
  • Ironless rotor motors (DC version)
  • DC version provides high and variable speed performance
  • Pan Speed: DC:- 0-40 deg/sec variable. AC:- 7.5 deg/sec
  • Tilt Speed: DC:- 0-16 deg/sec variable, AC:- 2.5 deg/sec
  • Full two year warranty


  • Operating voltages from 12vDC, 24vDC, 24vAC, 110vAC & 240vAC
  • Standard or heavy duty pots
  • Auto pan
  • Continuous rotation
  • Continuous rotation with presets
  • Colour options to specification
  • Alternative connectors available on request
Image of PT365 Baron P&T


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