PT565 Earl P&T

The Earl PT565 head is the leader in the range of quality built, versatile and precision designed pan and tilt units, proven reliability in town centre, traffic monitoring and other demanding applications. The Earl is the first choice for performance, flexibility and serviceability. Ruggedly constructed in a die cast aluminium case, the Earl provides a compact but powerful unit with a load capacity belying its size.

Available in a number of versions, Side-mount, Over the top, AC, DC, Continuous rotation, the Earl provides a flexible approach to pan and tilt requirements.

     General Features

  • Carrying capacity of 15Kg in top mount configuration
  • Carrying capacity of 22Kg in side mount configuration
  • IP66
  • Precision ball bearings ensure the unit remains square on both axes
  • Stainless steel shafts and fittings eliminate corrosion
  • Internal limit adjustment gives resilience to extreme conditions
  • limit adjustment can be made with a full load in place
  • All metal gear transmission
  • Low backlash for stability in high winds
  • Heavy duty synchronous motors (AC version)
  • Ironless rotor motors (DC version)
  • DC version provides high and variable speed performance
  • Pan Speed: DC:- 0-45 deg/sec variable. AC:- 8.5 deg/sec
  • Tilt Speed: DC:- 0-10 deg/sec variable, AC:- 2.5 deg/sec
  • Full two year warranty


  • Operating voltages from 12vDC, 24vDC, 24vAC, 110vAC & 240vAC
  • Standard or heavy duty pots
  • Auto pan
  • Continuous rotation
  • Continuous rotation with presets
  • Colour options to specification
  • Alternative connectors available on request
Image of PT565 Earl P&T


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