Cooper Fulleon

With more than 30 years earning international reputation for quality and choice, Cooper Fulleon is a leading manufacturer of life saving audible and visual signalling devices. The products are used in systems across the world in a variety of settings including fire, industrial and security.

The solution

Working in partnership with Coopers Fire & Security, IAC ems supported the manufacture of critical products.  IAC ems were tasked with processing free issue material plus manufacture of critical product lines.  IAC ems have become an extension to Cooper Fulleon’s manufacturing facility and have managed their materials with strict process controls, which ensures any issues are communicated in a timely manner.

"We have used IAC Electronic’s range of services in the manufacture of our products. We are extremely impressed with their professional approach and expertise used in manufacturing of our products plus managing free issue material. They have been 110% committed to quality, flexibility and customer service, so much so that they now are a key supplier to Cooper Fulleon."
Tony Smith/ Materials Manager, Cooper Fulleon 


Image of Cooper Fulleon


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